We would like to thank our valued customers for all your years of patronage. Effective March 1st, 2019, Landon’s Car Wash & Laundry is now...Warrior Wash, Inc. Please welcome the new owners...Ryan and Teresa Allen, Jerry Allen, and Brian Heatley.

You can contact Ryan via telephone at 570-673-3613 or you can contact him through their Facebook page.

Our Car Wash & Laundry

Landon's Car Wash & Laundry are located on South Center St. in Canton, just one block from Routes 14 and 414 and offers two types of car washes –
3 bays of self-service and a Mark VII Touch Free Automatic.

Before Using Landon's Car WashLandon's Automatic Touch Free Car WashClean Car provided by Landon's Car Wash
Landon's Car Wash Offers different package options Deluxe, Super, Basic and Ultimate.

Landon's Touch Free Automatic is open daily from 7am to 9:30pm.

Our Mark VII® Touch Free automatic car wash provides the best in vehicle cleaning while providing the customers the luxury of staying in their cars throughout the duration of the car wash and providing your vehicle the safety of Touch Free washing. Our Mark VII® Touch Free Automatic can handle full size cars and pickups and offers four wash packages to choose from and the convenience of payment by cash, tokens or credit cards.

Landon's Self Serve Car Wash is open 24 hours a day.

For those who prefer to wash their own vehicles, our three self serve bays offer all the services you need to quickly, easily, and thoroughly wash your car or truck. We use all soft water with 1500 psi high pressure options (hot soap, rinse, and wax), additional low pressure services (tire cleaner, presoak, and spot free rinse) and foaming bubble brushes. Also, new to all bays is tire air to keep your tires properly inflated and powerful Air Shammee to dry your car or truck (works great on motorcycles & car mats). Open 24 hours for your convenience, day or night. Customers can also take advantage of our powerful vacuums and convenient vending of towels, Armor All, and Wet Towel glass cleaner. Whether you’re in the mood to wash your own car or have a machine wash it for you, your car will get the attention it deserves at Landon’s Car Wash. Credit/Debit Cards are accepted at all bays.

Landon's car wash self serviceLandon's car wash self serviceLandon's car wash self service

CVC Cards Now Available for Purchase Through This Website.

We now have Customer Value Cards for purchase. Our CVC Cards are accepted at all of our Self Serve and Automatic Wash Bays. You can purchase, re-load, and check your balance online @ www.cvccard.com/landonscarwash or click on the link at the top of the page. Our CVC Cards are easy to use and make great gifts. All prices include 6% sales tax.

More Than Just a Car Wash Facility, We're Also in the Laundry Business—our Laundromat is Open Daily from 7am to 9:30pm!

Our full-service, coin operated Laundromat has the most high capacity machines in the area, including a 75 pound washer and dryer, two 50 pound washers, four 30 pound washers and sixteen 18 pound washers . All of our washers are are front loading, commercial washers, giving you the capacity needed to get all your loads done quickly and efficiently. Hot wash cycles provided with 130 degree hot water. Take advantage of our folding tables, snack and soft drink machines in our clean comfortable air conditioned facility.Our vending machine can provide all of your laundry aids.

Landon's LaundromatLandon's LaundromatLandon's Laundromat

Credit and Debit Cards accepted at all wash bays! Stop in and find out that Landon's Car Wash & Laundry has all the amenities needed to keep your car shining and clothes clean.

Contact Us Today or call 1-800-467-2690 for more information.

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