About Landon's Car Wash

Brian Landon, owner of Landon's Car Wash, is a second generation car wash owner/operator and has been in the car wash business for over 20 years.

Landon's LaundromatLandon's LaundromatLandon's Laundromat

Landon's Car Wash is located in Canton, Pennsylvania where they operate a self serve car wash with a reconditioned Mark VII® Touch Free car wash.

Expansion to the equipment business began with Brian providing contract installation and service assistance to a number of Mark VII® Equipment, Inc. distributors after having received technical training at Mark VII® Equipment, Inc. Brian has been involved in service or installation with six distributors in nine states. Landon's Car Wash then expanded into the rebuilding of Mark VII® Touch Free Automatics. Brian is the chief technician for the complete rebuilding of each and every Mark VII® unit. Landon's Car Wash has shipped rebuilt Mark VII® automatics to five states.

Landon's Car Wash has been a member of the National Federation of Independent Business since 1976. Brian currently serves on the leadership council of NFIB/PA and has been active in the advocacy of small business issues in both the state capital and Washington, D.C.

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